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A fraudulent website has been uncovered posing as the legitimate blockchain company Metatime on freelancing platform Upwork. 

This could be an elaborate scam used to steal cryptocurrency funds and potentially identity information from unsuspecting victims under the guise of a fake job opportunity.

Reports indicate that applicants received messages on Upwork for a cryptocurrency News Editor role from someone named Frederico Scott, claiming to represent Metatime.

Frederico’s account has been active since August 18th, 2023 and is based in the United Kingdom according to their Upwork profile. Frederico  currently has 4 total jobs posted on Upwork.

The victims were directed to a website designed to mimic Metatime’s real site with a URL of

Once on the phishing site, users were prompted to connect their cryptocurrency wallet through MetaMask, TrustWallet or other services. A pop-up then asked victims to set a spending limit on their wallet assets.

According to admins (@MetatimeModof Metatime’s official Telegram group, this fraudulent website is a “scam” and has no association whatsoever with the real company.


The admins definitively confirmed that is a scam impersonating Metatime.

Upwork was notified that the administrators of Metatime’s official Telegram group confirmed this is a fraudulent website not associated with the actual company.

So far Frederico’s fake job post currently has 14 interviewees, indicating multiple potential victims.

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