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SEO Audit

Basic SEO Audit

$500/per site

Advanced audit prices start at $1000.

page speed
Duplicate Content
Mobile site test
competitor analysis
content analysis
Site structure analysis
Structured data

Technical SEO

Technicl SEO fixes

$100/per hour
Excessive Dom
Blocking and render issues

On-page SEO

On-page Optimisation

$100/per page

On-page optimisation costs $100 per page.

Meta descriptions
Image titles
Image alts, captions

Professional Package

Off-page SEO

$2200/per month
Analytics setup
Keyword Research
4 x 1000 words Content
Authorative Backlinks
Dashboard Reporting
Weekly meetings
Social Media sharing
Site Audit
Technical SEO
On-page SEO
Extra content

SEO Audits

We provide SEO audits to check how your website is performing and if it needs improving. Website performance has a significant effect on SEO and how your page ranks. There are two audits we offer, a basic audit and an advanced audit.

The basic audit checks your website’s core vitals like speed, loading, and rendering which affects how content is displayed. With every 1 second delay in page speed, conversion rates drop by 20%.

Also, we offer an advanced SEO audit.

With the advanced SEO audit, you get the basic audit and we also check your keywords, content, competitors performance, headers and titles etc.

You can then start working on improving areas of weakness to improve your website’s online performance. 

Technical SEO

We provide technical SEO optimisation to increase your page speed and your SEO score.

Page speed is important because it is one of the ranking factors That Google measures.

If it is poor, then the entire SEO score will be poor because SEO ranking factors are multiplied.

for example, in a sum 5x5x5 = 125. 5x5x0 = 0.

If one score is 0, then the entire SEO score is 0. Or if one score is poor then it affects the whole SEO score. 5x5x1 = 25.

Professional Package

With the professional package, you get 20-25 keywords and 3x 1000 word articles a month.

The articles can be posted on other sites or on your website and we will share them on social media platforms.

Also, you will get 4 forum comments in your niche area with high-quality backlinks.

Similarly, we will meet with you (online or over the phone) once a week to talk about your project.

Also, we will give you a monthly dashboard report about you how the campaign is going. 


Sometimes we offer a free audit, check out the promotions page. we also announce it on Twitter and other social media channels.

Yes. You can choose a custom plan and choose only the services you want.

You can add extra content and forum backlinks to your campaign for an aggressive growth tactic.

You can also reduce your costs if you are on a limited budget.

When we have a high workload, if necessary ,we will outsource some of the tasks. We only use competent writers; professionals in the industry.

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