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105M Gold Heist at Canadian Airport
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Canadian authorities are investigating a recent gold heist that took place at Pearson International Airport.

The airport is responsible for moving gold mined in Canada to various destinations around the globe.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) are currently working with Peel Regional Police to investigate the theft.

The Toronto Sun reported that 3,600 pounds of gold was stolen, which is valued at approximately $105 million using current market prices (Morgan, 2023).

The RCMP has not confirmed the exact amount of gold that was stolen and is still gathering information about the incident. The theft is believed to be linked to organized crime, according to an unnamed police source (Morgan, 2023). The airport has not yet released an official statement about the incident.

Morgan, G.(2023, April 20). Massive gold heist at Pearson International Airport investigated by Mounties. National Post.

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